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Why Enjo?

 ENJO's all-natural fibre cleaning products are the perfect solution for those who want to achieve a spotless home without the use of harsh chemicals. Enjo  products are not only effective, but they're also environmentally friendly.

By using ENJO's cleaning products, you're not only keeping your home clean, but you're also helping to protect the environment from harmful chemicals and reducing waste.

ENJO's fibres are durable and designed to last for years, which can save you time and money in the long run.

With traditional cleaning products, you need to frequently purchase replacements, which can add up quickly. In contrast, ENJO's products are long-lasting and don't require frequent replacements, making them a cost-effective choice for your home.

While ENJO may have a higher upfront cost compared to traditional chemical cleaning products, the investment is well worth it in the long run. With ENJO's all-natural fibre products, you can achieve a spotless result without compromising on the health of your family or the environment. 

The Main Benefits

ENJO take great pride in their products, story and their drive to succeed. People are the heart of the ENJO business, but ENJO also take care of the environment, and the planet very seriously.

By using ENJO products you are supporting an organisation dedicating to reducing our impact on the planet.

ENJO believe in putting healthy living first, and look to challenge the conventional and shine a light on sustainable living.

They have a range of safe and effective fibre cleaning products that need absolutely no chemicals.

Marble Paste

ENJO represents quality, and they don't settle for anything less. 

From providing a handcrafted fibre range, using ethical and local suppliers, to adhering to the ENJO values, and finding supportive like-minded representatives.


The ENJO brand is about sustainability and environmental awareness. 

These are global priorities. The ENJO brand protects the natural environment, and human and ecological health.


ENJO are ambassadors for an environmentally responsible and sustainable product range.

ENJO believe in taking responsibility for our effect on the planet and actively seek-out new ways in which we can all minimize our impact.

Experience the BENEFITS with ENJO

Discover ENJO's comprehensive kitchen range that provides effective cleaning solutions without the use of harmful chemicals.

From Kitchen Sponges and All-purpose Cloths to the iconic Kitchen Glove and essential T-Towels, there is a product tailored to fit the specific purpose and surface of your kitchen.

ENJO Fibres ensure a long-lasting, sparkling clean every time, all while being gentle on the environment.

Enjo Kitchen Glove
Kitchen Mini stainless steel
Kitchen Mini stainless steel sponge

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it actually clean without the use of chemicals?

Absolutely! ENJO fibres work through mechanical cleaning rather than chemical cleaning.

These microscopic fibres can reach into the tiniest pores and narrowest crevices on all surfaces to eliminate dirt and bacteria.

Studies have shown that ENJO's cleaning effectiveness is six times better than that of traditional cleaning products.

Enjo Cleaning Kit

ENJO Fibres Work with Water - How Can It Help Conserve Water?

Unlike chemical cleaners that need to be diluted with water and rinsed off, ENJO fibres work mechanically and do not require additional rinsing.

 This means that you can save up to 90% of precious water while still achieving a thorough clean.

The ENJO Experience

What about Bacteria?

Traditional cleaning methods that rely on chemical products can leave behind residue on surfaces, promoting the growth of bacteria.

ENJO, on the other hand, not only leaves surfaces clean but also hygienic and dry.

By using ENJO fibres to physically remove bacteria and then drying surfaces with our Miracle cloth, we create an environment where bacteria cannot thrive.


ENJOpure is ENJO's initiative to promote sustainability and reduce waste by offering eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

It involves using reusable and durable cleaning tools made from natural materials, such as ENJO fibres, to minimize the need for disposable products and harsh chemicals.

ENJOpure Customers have made the change to an earth-loving, chemical-free way to clean their home and by doing so, are rewarded with exclusive ENJOpure benefits.

EnjoPure Customer Benefits

By becoming an ENJOpure customer, you are entitled to receive a 15% discount on all ENJO products, including Bundles and sale items. Additionally, you will qualify for free shipping on orders over $99.

EnjoPure Benefits

ENJO's Sustainable Cleaning Solution

ENJO not only offers a healthier way to clean your home by replacing chemicals with fibre technology and water, but it also helps protect our planet. ENJO rewards its customers for choosing a sustainable cleaning brand by offering exclusive ENJOpure benefits.

One of the significant advantages of cleaning with ENJO is that you don't have to buy replacement products frequently, which saves you time and money while reducing waste in landfills. For example, replacing spray cleaners, sponges, and surface wipes once a month for three years results in 36 plastic bottles, 36 sponges, and 36 packets of wipes heading to landfills.

With ENJO's Bathroom Bundle, you buy it once, and it lasts for three years. After three years, ENJO HQ upcycles old fibres into car seats or insulation, making your cleaning products zero-waste products.

How to Become EnjoPure

ENJOpure Customers use ENJO to clean at least 5 of the 7 rooms in the home, including the three must-have rooms, which are the kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

ENJO products are assigned points based on their ability to replace chemicals and disposable products.

Each room in your home requires a certain number of points to be considered "ENJO clean."

When at least five of your home's rooms are "ENJO clean," you become an ENJOpure Customer and automatically gain access to ENJOpure benefits.

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