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Welcome to our Inspiration Hub, where endless ideas and creativity come together to bring your kitchen visions to life.

Flat Lays & Urban Road Art

Explore our collection of flat lays, designed to ignite your imagination and help you create stunning colour palettes for your renders. 

We’ve included prints from Urban Road to showcase how the right art can expand and enhance your palette choices. These prints demonstrate how artwork can seamlessly integrate into your design, adding depth and personality to your kitchen space.

Urban Road - Plantain II Canvas Art Print - WA1481
Themes and Styles

Whether you're seeking a contemporary look, a rustic charm, or a bold and vibrant scheme, our curated flat lays offer a diverse range of options.

With a variety of themes and styles, you'll find the inspiration you need to make your renders truly remarkable.

Spark your design process
Australian Hamptons Flat Lay
Polytec Flat Lay Feb 2024

Popular Interior Design Styles

Use these palettes to guide your next project, refine your concepts, or simply gather ideas for future designs.

These are just some ideas and combinations. Feel free to mix and match and let us know if something really appeals to you, and we can incorporate it into your renders. 


Burbank Blue I Canvas Art Print - UR186_EZ532-A
Polytec Flat Lay
Flat Lay
Pandanus In Paradise Canvas Art Print

Blue / Greens

Riverside I Canvas Art Print - UR2227

Vibrant Blues

Kangaroo - Nullabor Art Print from Urban Road
Ocean Whispers Canvas Art Print - UR2222
Riverside I Canvas Art Print - UR2227

Deeper Blues

Australian Hamptons Flat Lay

Muted Greens

Flat Lay
Flat Lay
Monday Morning Muted Khaki Canvas Art Print
Plantation I Canvas Art Print - UR918

Stately Greys 


Tropical Calm

Edgy & Industrial 

The Latest in Contemporary Trends

Natural Contrasts

Flat Lay
Flat Lay
Waratah Poster

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