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Last Updated on November 5, 2021


I'm Penny!

Welcome to Uralla Solutions. I’m a freelance Kitchen Designer who loves home cooking. I’m also an Enjo business owner, or an ENJOpreneur! 

As well as being able to promote my Kitchen Design business, my aim is to create a space that's a valuable resource for anyone wanting to improve their kitchen experience, in any way.

This covers everything from new kitchen concepts, sharing delicious recipes, to learning about ecological products to keep it clean!

This is why my tagline is Kitchen Design, Function and Care. So stick around, I promise I’ll even throw in the kitchen sink! 

Penny McKenzie - Interior Designer

I’ve been a Freelance Kitchen Designer for a few years now.

It wasn’t where I started, but along the way I’ve learnt some invaluable skills to really propel me into the Industry.

My journey

After working in the Banking industry, then from home for my Dad’s online electronics business, I studied Interior Design and Decoration and decided to specialise in Kitchens.

I followed this with a couple of short courses that specialise in the Kitchen Industry to build up my credentials.

Initially, I found it quite difficult to land myself a job with no practical experience. I was prepared to start anywhere to help me get there.

As someone who hates to inconvenience others, I slowly trickled my resume out to a list of local companies so I wouldn’t be saddled with 10 offers in 1 week! Oh boy, that was overestimating my expectations.

Eventually, I sent around 30 resumes out in one day.

That afternoon one person rang me, and we had a quick chat on the phone. I was asked go in for a one-on-one interview to a small showroom.

After a quick 30 minute chat, the business owner handed over the keys to the showroom and offered me the Saturday shift – alone! WTAF!

Julian from No Fuss Kitchens gave me a break that day. 

The No Fuss Kitchens showroom in Preston had recently closed, however they still have a showroom in Box Hill, which has a factory out the back.

I started working in the showroom in Box Hill doing bookwork and other bits and bobs which gave me full exposure and a fast learning pathway to the industry and trade.

When I think back to that first Saturday I don’t know how I did it. 

I had no real knowledge and can you believe I sold my first kitchen in the first couple of weeks. I was really passionate and so excited to be helping people that this was what the client saw. These clients knew what they wanted, so it made for a great learning experience. 

A number of months after the job was completed, I shared this with the clients and they said they would never has guessed. What great feedback! They felt the expertise information they received really informed them in the decisions to make for their renovation. 

The small cabinet making business took a punt on me that day, for which I will be forever grateful. 

I enjoy spending time in the kitchen and cooking for others. 

A trait that I’ve inherited from my Granny. She lived in a small country town in Victoria, was the best cook, and always had her apron on. 

My Granny cooked for the local hospital and was even taking sausage rolls out to farmers who had been sick when she was in her 90s! There was nothing she couldn’t do in the kitchen. 

My Granny had a wood fired stove in the kitchen as well, which of course added to the experience. I don’t have the stamina or natural ability that she did, but I do like to give it a good nudge! 

Making A Change

To complete the circle of a kitchen there’s the cleaning side of things.  No-one enjoys this part of the kitchen and cooking.

About 15 years ago my sister in law introduced me to ENJO. I had no idea what it was and wasn’t particularly enjoying going to a ‘party’ to spend money on cleaning products. Well, I’m much more informed than that now and know that using ENJO is easier and a better way to clean. 

I still hate cleaning but love the results I get from ENJO. I look forward to helping others understand the real value of the glove!

So, in a nutshell that’s my why!

I’m looking forward to passing on information on all aspects of the kitchen. I hope you decide to stick around for a bit…

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