Kitchen Design

Uralla Solutions is focussed on cultivating all things we love about our kitchens, including Kitchen Design, Function and Care.

Kitchen Design is my main gig. I love everything about the kitchen, including the way it all comes together. I also love cooking and the functions we use our kitchen for. It's fair to say over the years I've had my share of accessories, gadgets, appliances, crockery, cutlery and recipe books!

The care of the kitchen is probably the least favourite part but I know using ENJO simplifies my routine so much and to be able to offer all of these services feels like an organic fusion of my interests

Kitchen / Laundry / Bathroom / Robe / Joinery Design

I work in collaboration with the team at No Fuss Kitchens to design and build your custom cabinetry. The process includes: 

  • In-Home Consultation
  • Quote and Design Proposal including 3D Concepts to visualise your proposed space, and elevations.
  • Custom Design Joinery manufactured in Melbourne by No Fuss Kitchens.
Color Samples

Send an email to to find out more or request an appointment. 

Design and Plans / Elevations / 3d Renders

3D Rendered Drawings by Penny McKenzie

This service lets you do it your way. It allows you to communicate online. A questionnaire and phone call will help me develop concepts and plans from your measurements and vision.

You'll get full drawings that you can take to your cabinet maker for manufacture. Have a look at our Guides and Forms page. Email me to find out more:

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It doesn't just clean, it challenges the cleaning conventional... by removing chemicals with the latest technology.

We shine a light on sustainable living with our handcrafted, reusable, fibre cleaning products, and encourage households Australia-wide to put healthy living first by cleaning up chemical free.

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